Propane / Butane Storage Tank Volume Indicators


Propane / Butane Storage Tank Indicators

Pressurized fuel storage tanks such as propane and butane often present a bit of a problem when measuring the product level. A dip stick is not practical to measure contents in a pressurized tank. Electronic devices tend to be expensive and require a power source. The most common technique is a sight glass, but these usually cover a short range and larger tanks sometime require up to three or more sight glasses.

All the associated plumbing and connections plus the glass seals and cracks make a lot of leaks inevitable. Frequently there will be no level measurement because of all these problems. The magnetic level indicator is an ideal solution to the problem.It is visible from a great distance, requires no power but can be fitted with alarm switches or transmitters if 24 VDC power is available. It eliminates a troublesome source of leaks which are hazardous, costly and environmentally polluting. In some areas the local environmental regulatory agency has determined that hydrocarbon emissions can be reduced by 4% in a gas processing plant by replacing sight glasses with magnetic level indicators.

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