Well Monitoring & Integrity

Optimize well production and avert integrity issues with cost-effective, automated Smart Wireless technologies

Reliable, Easily-Configurable Well Monitoring Solutions

Whether bringing your first well online or managing a mature field of hundreds, cost optimization is always a priority, and without adequate data, it can be difficult to ensure your wells are performing as expected.  By taking advantage of Emerson’s cost-effective monitoring and automation solutions, like our convenient Smart Wireless technology, you can remote-access accurate and reliable well data, identify and prevent integrity issues, and optimize well production without manual intervention.

Media & Case Studies

Operator challenges like reactive maintenance, increased costs and safety risks can be resolved by implementing Emerson's wellhead integrity and monitoring solutions.

Solutions In Action

Well Integrity

Monitoring well integrity is key to ensuring longevity, improving safety and reducing shutdowns, especially when accurate pressure and temperature measurements can ensure quick response and HSE compliance.  Emerson wireless monitoring solutions can provide real-time data analysis to eliminate time- and cost-prohibitive manual operations, unnecessary workovers, and potential safety/environmental incidents that can negatively affect production. 

Wellhead Monitoring

A lack of reliable information about wellhead operation can often lead to missed production goals, increased maintenance, and costly environmental and safety issues. Emerson’s cost-effective wellhead monitoring solutions can help you meet production goals and avoid unnecessary costs by obtaining actionable data locally or remotely and allowing you to apply that information to the safe and cost-effective operation of your wellhead system.

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