Pouch Forming, Filling, Sealing & Testing

Fast, safe, cost-efficient production of stand-up pouches, squeeze packs, pillow bags and more.

Speed Up Production, Reduce Waste and Cut Costs

Emerson enables end-customers to create reliable and sustainable packaging for food and beverage applications. Our portfolio of systems and automation components deliver improved cycle times on the assembly line and lower costs by using less material and energy. We help customers create equipment that ensures your manufacturing plant is as safe and operational as it is efficient and optimized.

Pouch Form, Fill & Seal Solutions

Machine Controls

Emerson pneumatic valves, cylinders and slides ensure reliable and repeatable motion of control to open and fill pouches on the assembly line. Our components help ensure consistent fill levels and ensure precise sequential movement along the packaging line, reducing downtime to meet your changing production demands. Our unique Numasizing tool evaluates cycle rates and optimizes energy consumption to increase efficiency.

Package Sealing

Emerson ultrasonic welding technology creates high-quality seals for consumer packaging. Meet your high-volume production demands with quick setup, easy system integration, fast weld cycles and fewer rejected products. Our new ultrasonic sealing system is designed to help manufacturers reduce product packaging waste and energy use.

Power Quality

Optimize performance and safety with power quality and backup solutions that prevent costly downtime, equipment damage and loss of valuable data. Depend on our power supplies to handle high loads, temperatures and varying humidity in even the most challenging environments. 

Leak Testing

We provide advanced leak detection and rejection systems for a wide range of applications including food, beverages and pharmaceuticals. Our systems detect LPG, R134a, CO2, N2O and DME and more, from leaking containers to prevent fire, health risks and contamination. With 100% online testing, we deliver instantaneous analyses with highly sensitive and accurate results that optimize quality, improve compliance and reduce costs. 

IP67 Electrical Components

Our wash down-ready controls, stainless-steel fittings and cable connectors stand up to frequent high-pressure cleanings. Whether your operation requires freestanding or integrated components, we have a solution to meet your needs and extend the life of your facilities.

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