Gas Analysis for Composition, Wobbe Index and Dewpoint

Power Generation Solutions

With a gas chromatograph from Emerson, combustion power plants can obtain three key gas measurements:

  • Composition
  • Wobbe Index
  • Hydrocarbon Dewpoint

Measuring Composition

Accurate determination of fuel gas composition allows for optimal adjustments of the air-to-fuel ratio, enabling the combustion turbine to operate at its most cost-effective, efficient point, where NOx emissions are minimized. In the power industry, where emissions are closely regulated, operating cleaner and more efficiently could mean a tremendous savings by avoiding costly fines.


Measuring Wobbe Index

Turbine damage can be the result from high dynamics that result from variations in the Wobbe Index. 

An Emerson gas chromatograph provides the accurate, reliable data that is required to ensure no damage to the equipment results from operating on low- or mid-range Wobbe gas.


Measuring Hydrocarbon Dewpoint

Measuring hydrocarbon dewpoint helps power plants with combustion turbines avoid turbine damage due to flashback. When higher hydrocarbons or hydrocarbon liquids are present, movement of flame upstream could occur, resulting in catastrophic damage to the turbine. An Emerson gas chromatograph provides an accurate hydrocarbon dewpoint calculation, which indicates when risk increases, and attention is required.

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