Gas-Fired Power Generation

Forced outages and inadequate unit response are impacting profitability.

Improve Availability And Operational Flexibility

Your gas plants are cycled with increasing frequency. These additional starts increase the maintenance on your gas turbine and thermally stress the rest of your plant. Emerson's power experts work with you to mitigate the effects of cycling and improve the availability and flexibility of your simple and combined cycle units.

The Latest

News Release

Gas Plant Slashes Fuel Usage

Emerson expertise and Ovation™ Advanced Power Applications lead to 67 percent reduction in hot start fuel usage and fast.
Sep 20, 2016
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Southern Company Employs Cutting-Edge Plant Simulation Strategy

Cross-functional simulator enables trials of changes to both plant equipment parameters and control techniques in a harmless virtual environment.
Mar 18, 2017
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News Release

Emerson Making Virtual Power Plant a Reality with Industry’s First Integrated Control and...

With the introduction of the industry’s first integrated control and simulation platform, Emerson has positioned owners of coal, combined cycle...
Dec 13, 2016
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