Balance Of Plant (BOP) Solutions

Inadequate or failing balance of plant systems can severely disrupt plant availability and performance.

Know the Health of Your Vital BOP Systems

Maintaining a power plant while ensuring it operates at peak efficiency requires attending to more than its boiler and turbine; enhanced control of the balance-of-plant operations can reduce forced outages and derates as well as improve the overall plant heat rate. Working with Emerson, you can gain greater insight into inefficient BOP systems and failing plant assets and take corrective actions before they impact your operation. 

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Identify Electrical Equipment Faults Early with Wireless Condition Monitoring

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Cooling Tower Control & Monitor

Cooling towers are critical to plant operation, but they are often under-automated and periodically monitored due to the high cost of implementing a continuous-monitoring system. Improving control strategies and implementing wireless automation, you can maintain reliable operations with better condenser cooling to maximize turbine output. 

SCR Control & Monitoring

Without responsive controls that account for cycling, SCRs may experience inadequate temperature control and increased ammonia slip. These consequences can result in damaging ammonia salts downstream or emission of ammonium chloride or gaseous ammonia—along with regulator fines and penalties. Updating control strategies and automation equipment, particularly critical flow technologies will ensure the unit operates efficiently regardless of cycling.

Electrical Condition Monitoring

Electrical equipment is typically inspected manually and is conducted infrequently. It is those times in between inspections that a plant is at risk. Catastrophic consequences can occur from poor contact, loosening connection, wear/tear, corrosion, and humidity. For example, in ISO phase ducts, insulation breakdown, and loose electrical connections can be difficult to detect and can result in serious injury and expensive equipment damage. Deploying an continuous monitoring strategy for electrical condition monitoring will mitigate these risks and eliminate the need for manual inspections.

Pump Condition Monitoring

Problems with pumps can force a derate or even take a plant offline. Understanding when there is a problem before this occurs is the key to better plant availability. Unfortunately, studying overall vibration provides little to no warning about equipment damage or impending failure. Installing a continuous monitoring system with PeakVue technology gives automated diagnostic alerts in your control system and advanced warning of developing problems, all without the need for vibration analysis experience.

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