Combustion Turbine Solutions

You need more reliability and operational flexibility from your combustion turbines to capitalize in today’s market. 

Optimize Your Combustion Turbine For Efficiency And Longevity

Your combustion turbines provide a range of support, from baseload capacity to cycling operations to peaking support. Because these units are staples to power portfolios, these turbines require controls that support things like starting reliability, fuel flexibility, turndown, and optimization.

Emerson’s turbine control experts can help you improve the operational flexibility of your combustion turbines. With our support, you can realize greater efficiency, equipment response and longevity.

Media & Case Studies

Emerson power industry expert, Brett Benson, describes some of the challenges related to OEM turbine controls and how Emerson has helped many customers with control retrofits for a more simplified and integrated plant control platform.

Solutions In Action

Turbine Control

Following load more often taxes all parts of your plant, including the turbine. Aging, legacy turbine controls can become increasingly unresponsive and lead to higher maintenance costs and unplanned outages. Updated mechanical and electrical controls offers a seamless transition from legacy OEM automation and provides a fully integrated system for any operating profile. Ease of operation and maintenance are a critical must by including a range of functionality such as dynamic swirl charts to pinpoint combustion issues and control modifications which support fast starts and frequency support.

Turbine Monitoring & Protection

Large, rotating turbines are at a high risk for problems, but inadequate diagnostics and outdated monitoring systems can make it difficult to diagnose, detect and address these complications. Update these systems with a complete monitoring and protection package which installs directly into your Ovation I/O. Along with eliminating a separate system, you will have automated turbine condition monitoring and projection and will be alerted to impending problems well before your turbine is adversely affected.

Generator Excitation Control

The implementation of digital technology has led to a higher frequency of obsolescence for many startup units, resulting in increased maintenance costs and inefficient performance under continuously changing loads. Integrating excitation controls directly into your control system I/O enables tighter startup and more efficient generator control along with a simplified, integrated design.

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