PPL-RCHI-H003 Connected Home

Bringing IoT Home

Smart products that keep you in the know and in control of home comfort – right from your phone.

Comfort meets Control.

From giving homeowners control over their heating and air conditioning no matter where they are, to alerting them to hidden issues within their systems before they can become bigger problems, our products work for today’s connected lifestyles.

Sensi™ Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat

Emerson’s top-rated Wi-Fi programmable thermostat was designed to work for you:

  • Remote thermostat control using an intuitive app
  • Universal compatibility
  • Easy to install and use
  • Flexible 7-day scheduling
  • Saves on HVAC energy costs and utility rebate eligible
  • Precision temperature control +/-1º

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ComfortGuard™ HVAC Monitoring Service

Emerson’s residential heating and cooling monitoring system arms you with unprecedented insight:

  • Early detection technology to predict breakdowns before they happen
  • 10 custom sensors to gather data every time your system runs
  • System usage and performance reports for increased efficiency
  • Actionable alerts for the homeowner and contractor to extend the life of your HVAC

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