Trade Associations & Lobbying

As a large and diverse global company, Emerson is a member of many trade associations and coalitions where we work with our industry partners on a range of issues and​​ activities that represent the Company's interests. These organizations operate independently. For many organizations and coalitions, we pay dues or make contributions which are not necessarily related to lobbying efforts or political goals. In some cases, however, these organizations do engage in advocacy at the federal, state and/or local levels. While we may generally agree with positions taken by these associations, Emerson's membership in any particular trade association does not indicate its agreement with all of the association's views.

Emerson does engage with public officials at all levels of government directly through our employees and through third party advocacy organizations. These engagements educate officials on our Company's operations, emerging technologies and markets, as well as on our views concerning public policy matters. Emerson lobbying activity is reported in our Lobbying Disclosure Act filings, which are publicly available at Emerson's Lobbying Disclosure Act filings for the last 18 months can be viewed at the following links:

LD-203 Report

Lobbying Contribution Report Mid-Year 2017
Lobbying Contribution Report Year-End 2016
Lobbying Contribution Report Mid-Year 2016

LD-2 Report

Lobbying Report Q2 2017
Lobbying Report Q1 2017
Lobbying Report Q4 2016
Lobbying Report Q3 2016
Lobbying Report Q2 ​2016

Lobbying Report Q1 2016

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