Emerson introduces new Fisher® regulator series and trim options that maximize uptime and reduce noise output

1001-EZHSO1 - WhtSpc

EZHSO series regulator with PRX Pilot
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Internal View of EZHSO Series Regulator with Whisper Trim® Cage

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EZHSO Series Regulator and Whisper Trim® Technology ensure gas delivery with fail-open alternative and more efficient noise abatement

MCKINNEY, TX (January 21, 2010) – Emerson Process Management announces the release of the Fisher® EZHSO Series Regulator as well as Whisper Trim® Cage options to the EZH and EZHSO Series.   The EZHSO design incorporates a spring cartridge that offers a fail-to-open alternative, ensuring gas delivery and maximizing uptime. The Whisper Trim® Technology provides efficient noise prevention at the source and the cage can be easily retrofitted in the field.

The Type EZHSO and EZHSO-OSX (slam-shut) regulators are available in 1, 2, and 3-inch sizes.  These new offerings provide the same benefits as Emerson’s proven Fisher Type EZH regulators such as:

  • True No-Bleed design: Environmentally friendly design eliminates emissions for higher pressure pipelines
  • True Top-Entry maintenance: Reduces time and expense for training, installation and maintenance
  • Bubble-tight shutoff: Reduces cost of ownership by precisely regulating high-pressure transmission lines, providing consistent reliability of gas delivery and shutoff
  • 1500 psig (103 bar) inlet/outlet rating: Meets higher system requirements

The Whisper Trim Cage option is available for 2, 3, and 4-inch sizes, opening a broader application range for this product family. Noise reduction of 10 - 20 dB(A) can be achieved, depending on the application.  As a “source treatment,” the Whisper Trim Technology utilizes multiple orifices of special size, shape, and spacing, which reduces noise-producing interactions and offers a better alternative than path treatment or buried service. Units already installed can be easily retro-fitted with a Whisper TrimCage.

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