Emerson introduces a process gas analyzer with web-based interface and advanced processing capabilities

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Rosemount® Analytical X-STREAM® XE offers the process industries a way to configure, calibrate, and monitor the instrument, manage alarms, and program the sample handling system through any browser
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Rosemount® Analytical X-STREAM® XE offers the process industries a way to configure, calibrate, and monitor the instrument, manage alarms, and program the sample handling system through any browser

HOUSTON (January 18, 2010) — Emerson Process Management today announced the availability of the Rosemount Analytical X-STREAM XE process gas analyzer that combines web-browser-based accessibility with advanced processing capabilities. With expanded data communication, calibration, and event logging capabilities, the X-STREAM XE is an ideal choice for more complex process industry gas analysis requirements.  

The X-STREAM XE rounds out the Rosemount Analytical family of X-STREAM process gas analyzers as the ideal choice for process industry applications requiring analytical solutions that go well beyond basic gas analysis. Although it features an expanded graphical display and more powerful electronics, the X-STREAM XE uses many of the same internal components as other X-STREAM process gas analyzer models. This enables the installation of the multiple X-STREAM product models to fit the unique needs of each process unit, without requiring an expanded spare parts inventory or operator retraining. 

The X-STREAM XE takes process gas analysis to the next level of ease of use and communication capabilities. With a unique new web browser, it enables users to securely login to calibrate parameters and manage alarms from any Ethernet connection. The ability to remotely manage the analyzer greatly simplifies diagnostics, speeds the troubleshooting process, and reduces the number of trips into the field by an estimated 50%.

With powerful processing capabilities and innovative new built-in engineering tools, the X-STREAM XE offers a programmable logic controller (PLC) that enables automation of the sample handling system and online programming through the web browser. In addition, an enhanced data logger offers improved data tracking, including a NAMUR status indicator, improved event logging, and a new cal log file.

The X-STREAM XE holds ease of use to a higher standard and accommodates new, traditionally difficult gas analysis without compromising performance, reliability, or safety. As with the entire family of X-STREAM process gas analyzers, the X-STREAM XE comes in a number of different casings, including flameproof, field housing, general purpose, and general purpose compact to meet the unique requirements of each plant environment.

“The X-STREAM XE continues Rosemount Analytical’s commitment to providing gas analyzers that are operationally intuitive, and that don’t comprise performance or application flexibility,” said Ken Biele, president of the Rosemount Analytical division of Emerson Process Management. 

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