Emerson introduces highest flow rate Coriolis meter

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Micro Motion® ELITE® High Capacity Coriolis delivers unmatched accuracy and immunity to process fluid changes for a range of challenging applications.
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Micro Motion® ELITE® High Capacity Coriolis delivers unmatched accuracy and immunity to process fluid changes for a range of challenging applications

Boulder, Colorado (March 1, 2010) – Emerson Process Management has unveiled the highest flow rate Coriolis meter available.  The latest Micro Motion® ELITE® Coriolis meter covers 10”-12” (DN 250-300) line sizes and can handle flow rates over 3,200 tons/hour. This new meter adds to the existing 1/10”-8” (DN2-DN200) ELITE line size range, enabling Emerson to deliver the industry’s broadest Coriolis offering.

Manufacturers are challenged with reducing production costs and optimizing processes in tough applications that demand high, reliable production rates.  Mechanical meters, with moving parts, rotating components, and ongoing maintenance requirements, don’t necessarily deliver the robust performance needed.  High flow rate applications demand the best possible accuracy in all conditions, especially when measuring high-value material.

This latest  large size ELITE High Capacity meter is ideally suited for pipelines, ship/rail loading and unloading, crude oil custody transfer, mud logging, marine, LNG, gas metering, and refinery blending. ELITE High Capacity Coriolis meters have no moving parts to break or wear, deliver ±0.10% mass and volume flow liquid accuracy, ±0.0005 g/cc density accuracy, and ±0.35% gas flow accuracy.  

Micro Motion ELITE High Capacity Coriolis meters deliver measurement performance for applications ranging from 6” (DN150) to 12” (DN300) process connections.  ELITE High Capacity Coriolis meters have been thoroughly tested in oil and gas applications with results exceeding customer expectations.  

Micro Motion Coriolis flowmeters lead the industry in quality, measurement performance, and reliability, and are part of Emerson's broad range of intelligent, digital field devices that power the PlantWeb® digital plant architecture. Further cost savings, increased plant availability, and enhanced safety and environmental compliance are achieved when the flowmeters are integrated into the PlantWeb digital plant architecture.

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