Emerson’s AMS™ Suite helps Centro Energia Teverola increase efficiency of Italian power plant by more than 1 percent


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Remote monitoring and expert advice leads to improved machinery efficiency, predictive maintenance and increased plant efficiency 

AUSTIN, TEXAS (February 9, 2010) -- Emerson Process Management’s AMS™ Suite: Equipment Performance Monitor is helping Centro Energia Teverola S.p.a. improve the efficiency of its 150-MW combined cycle cogeneration power plant in Teverola, Italy. Using this combination of software and services has enabled Centro Energia Teverola to optimize their maintenance strategy for inlet filters on the gas turbines, contributing to an overall efficiency improvement of more than 1%.

Knowing that even a small increase in plant efficiency can provide a significant increase in operating profit, Centro Energia Teverola deployed AMS Performance Monitor to plan and monitor its maintenance practices, including evaluating the return on maintenance costs. An integral part of Emerson’s PlantWeb® digital architecture, AMS Performance Monitor combines thermodynamic model-based software with support from Emerson experts to detect degraded machinery performance and aid predictive maintenance planning.

Before Centro Energia Teverola adopted AMS Performance Monitor, unexpected performance degradation of the filters on gas turbines required emergency installation of replacement filters – resulting in costly downtime, especially during a peak production period. Emerson’s solution now monitors the gradual deterioration in filter performance and calculates the cost of the resulting reduction in turbine performance. By comparing this with the cost of the maintenance required, Centro Energia Teverola can determine the most appropriate point to replace the blocked filter. AMS Performance Monitor also makes it easy to establish the manpower required to complete individual maintenance projects.

Maintenance at the plant is now scheduled for periods when energy production is less profitable and penalties for being offline can be avoided. This improved planning has also enabled Centro Energia Teverola to reduce average repair times from seven hours to two hours.

“With AMS Performance Monitor, the return on investment is very fast. A single filter change has already paid for this service for two years,” explained Vincenzo Piscitelli, General Manager, Centro Energia Teverola. “We can assess the effectiveness and economic return of our maintenance activities, which allows us to determine, in a strategic and effective way, what maintenance work is required to improve equipment performance."

As a remote service, AMS Performance Monitor does not require complex hardware or software deployed on site. Instead, process data is sent to Emerson’s performance monitoring centre of expertise, in Teesside, UK, where experienced engineers produce periodic reports showing monitored performance. These reports can be accessed via any standard web browser and are based on thermodynamic models developed for each machine. In addition to the online information, Emerson also provides advice about the operational efficiency of machinery. Existing or potential problems are highlighted, as well as new opportunities to improve overall efficiency.

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