Emerson enhances Rosemount® 3051 to help users reduce maintenance and increase productivity


Rosemount 3051 features improved performance, advanced diagnostics, user-friendly interface, Selectable HART Revisions, and SIL2 certification

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Rosemount 3051 features improved performance, advanced diagnostics, user-friendly interface, Selectable HART® Revisions, and SIL2 certification

CHANHASSEN, MINN (July 16, 2012) – Emerson Process Management has introduced a significant number of enhancements to its Rosemount 3051 pressure products to help users maximize operational control by reducing total cost of ownership and maintenance work orders, while improving productivity and safety.

The first of the enhanced Rosemount 3051 capabilities is a standard reference accuracy of ±0.04% of span down to a 10:1 turndown. This improvement drives the total performance in typical operating conditions to a best-in-class ±0.12% of span. The improved performance of the Rosemount 3051 allows for the plant’s operations to run closer to set levels, increasing product quality and throughput with more accurate control.

The most innovative new feature, Power Advisory Diagnostics, is a predictive diagnostic tool that allows users to identify electrical loop issues , at the instrument or anywhere in the loop, before they cause a loss of measurement.  Examples of these issues include water or corrosion in the terminal block or junction boxes, wiring problens or even a failing power supply. With simple three step activation and guided troubleshooting, users of all experience levels can easily implement this diagnostic to help prevent costly outages and minimize time diagnosing and resolving the root cause of a measurement issue.

As part of Emerson’s commitment to making interfaces easy, it has added a Local Operator Interface (LOI) to the Rosemount 3051, designed with straightforward menus and both internal and external configuration buttons for on the spot commissioning – even in hazardous area locations. Standardizing on the 3051 with LOI for pressure, DP flow and DP level applications results in simplified, consistent configuration procedures, reducing investment in maintenance tools, training and overall costs of ownership.

Emerson has also launched the enhanced Rosemount 3051 pressure products with Selectable HART Revision capability (HART5 and HART7) to deliver the latest features to those that are ready to take advantage of the latest HART revision while ensuring seamless integration with any installed host, asset management system or configuration tool.

The Rosemount 3051 now offers SIL2 certification that meets the most demanding safety application requirements, extending time between proof tests to five years – allowing users to avoid extra shutdowns for safety testing. Emerson also provides full documentation for efficient Safety Instrumented System (SIS) compliance. Users can add Power Advisory Diagnostics to SIL2 certified transmitters to improve safety throughout their entire electrical loop.

All of these enhancements and more are available on the full family of Rosemount 3051 pressure products including integrated DP flowmeters, DP level and manifold assemblies. To learn more, visit www.rosemount.com/pressure.

The Rosemount 3051 pressure transmitter is part of Emerson Process Management’s Rosemount measurement solutions. With Rosemount instrumentation, users gain insight into the process to realize incredible returns on instrumentation investment, reduction in risk to overall business, and greater efficiency in equipment performance.

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