Emerson introduces next-generation compact density meter

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Micro Motion® Compact Density Meter

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Micro Motion® Compact Density Meter delivers real-world performance in an array of aggressive applications

BOULDER, COLO (October 24, 2013) -- Emerson Process Management has released the Micro Motion Compact Density Meter, a multi-variable density meter designed for the custody transfer metering of crude oil, refined hydrocarbons, alcohols and many aggressive process liquids.

The Micro Motion Compact Density Meter is the ideal choice for users who confront measurement challenges on a daily basis such as minimizing product give-away and reducing gain/loss errors.

This meter raises the standard in online density metering by combining Multivariable Digital technology, a high speed signal processing technology, with an optimized meter design that ensures outstanding performance under varying process and external environments. This is achieved through innovative compensation techniques where the Compact Density Meter measures both the fluid temperature and its own meter case temperature. This information is then used to minimize any measurement errors due to changes in environmental conditions.  The Compact Density Meter is the first online density meter to offer this unique functionality and address this known effect which allows it to deliver improved measurement performance in the harshest of environments.    

 Multivariable digital technology further enhances the design of the Compact Density Meter by incorporating the unique feature of fluid flow rate indication. Fluid flow rate indication allows users to have confidence in their density measurement and diagnose installation problems such as product build up or tube blockages prior to significant errors occurring.

 The Compact Density Meter provides unparalleled quality assurance that is complemented by two new state-of-the-art global calibration facilities which makes it compact, rugged and reliable. Micro Motion Compact Density Meters are calibrated over a wide range of combined temperatures and pressures to provide a verification of performance under conditions where the meter will actually be used.  Every meter calibration is traceable and accredited to ISO17025 and covers both density and temperature measurements which minimizes the need for external field devices. The Compact Density Meter conforms to fiscal and custody transfer industry best practice standards with direct communication to either flow computers or distributed control systems (DCS) supported. 

The meter’s transmitter module can output sensor data in four formats simultaneously including:  Sensor frequency (time period), 4-20mA, HART and RS485 Modbus. This allows users to view meter health and performance indicators while using a frequency signal output when it’s connected to a flow computer. Previously unavailable in on-line density meter devices, this new technology provides diagnostic information in critical density measurement applications which can result in significant reductions in maintenance costs and cycle times.

 In addition to improvements in availability of meter information, the Compact Density Meter design offers a new diagnostics capability called Known Density Verification. Known Density Verification checks the meter for measurement alarm conditions, sensor integrity and the presence of coating, erosion or corrosion. This functionality allows users to make quality decisions about their meter health and maintenance schedules at the touch of a button, minimizing total meter cost of ownership and maximizing process measurement up-times.

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