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New integral automatic calibration for Rosemount Analytical 6888 In Situ Flue Gas Oxygen Analyzer helps decrease maintenance requirements, improve measurement accuracy

IRVINE, CALIF. (August 6, 2014) – Emerson Process Management has enhanced the Rosemount Analytical 6888 In Situ Flue Gas O2 Analyzer with new diagnostics that help maintain optimum oxygen levels in flue gases, thereby optimizing the combustion efficiency of large boilers and industrial furnaces. As plants are struggling under reduced budgets and personnel, the new 6888 enhancements help decrease maintenance requirements and improve measurement accuracy.

The 6888 incorporates a “calibration recommended” diagnostic with gas-switching solenoids embedded within the probe electronics, making automatic calibration easier than ever, and maintaining the best accuracy possible. The embedded diagnostic reduces the cost of providing and installing a separate solenoid box, and also reduces the effort to wire and pipe between the probe and electronics, decreasing man-hour requirements. Additionally, the calibration recommended diagnostic removes the need to conduct calibrations on a schedule, eliminating many validations (calibrations checks) or actual calibrations. The new analyzer also includes a “plugged diffuser/filter” diagnostic for applications that have fly ash or other particulate entrained in the flue gases, which further reduces personnel time and maintenance as well as helping to ensure accuracy.

Another new feature of the 6888 is a variable insertion option, which permits ideal placement of the probe into the flue gas duct. With standard length probes from 18” (.5m) to 12’ (3.65m) in horizontal or vertical installation, the probe can be adjusted at any time on-line to characterize stratification across large ducts.

“The new 6888 has raised the bar on flue gas analyzer operation while maintaining exceptional economy for our customers,” said Doug Simmers, combustion analyzer worldwide product manager, Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Analytical. “In today’s industrial applications, where budgets are tight and personnel time limited, the 6888 provides essential analysis of combustion efficiency, while significantly reducing maintenance time and the cost of unnecessary calibrations – all in an affordable analyzer with great accuracy. This improved accuracy not only provides better combustion efficiency, but can also minimize the production of greenhouse gases such as CO2, and of thermal NOx.”

Easy to use and integrate, the 6888 is fully field-repairable. All active components can be replaced, including the diffuser/filter, sensing cell, heater and thermocouple, and all electronics cards. The 6888 offers HART and FOUNDATION™ fieldbus digital communications, and can also be configured with the optional Smart Wireless THUM adapter for wireless operation.

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