News Brief: New radar options from Emerson improve accuracy measuring solids in tall vessels


Rosemount 5402 Non-Contacting Level Transmitter  High resolution image



Deanna Johnson, Emerson
1 (512) 834-7676

January 26, 2017 — Emerson Automation Solutions has introduced new options for its Rosemount 5402 Non-Contacting Level Transmitter to improve performance and accuracy for solids level measurements where the distance from the transmitter to the product can be up to 105 feet (32 m).

The new parabolic antenna option for the transmitter focuses energy output in a narrower beam to extend its practical reach, particularly in tall and narrow vessels. A swivel mount option simplifies installation where the tank roof is slanted, requiring critical aiming. Internal signal processing capabilities are optimized for measuring solids where irregular surfaces can make accurate level measurements difficult.

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