Emerson’s New Explosionproof Wireless Adapter Enables Industrial IoT for Hazardous Areas


Newly certified Wireless THUM™ Adapter retrieves valuable and formerly stranded data to provide insight for planned maintenance and avoid costly unplanned shutdowns
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Newly certified Wireless THUM™ Adapter retrieves valuable and formerly stranded data to provide insight for planned maintenance and avoid costly unplanned shutdowns

SHAKOPEE, MINN (September 27, 2017) – Emerson’s Wireless THUM™ Adapter has been certified explosionproof for the U.S. and Canada. The wireless adapter, designed to operate in hazardous areas, retrieves valuable and formerly stranded data to provide insight for planned maintenance and avoid costly unplanned shutdowns.
This new explosionproof certification is especially useful for refineries, chemical plants, and other heavy industry facilities, as well as in SIS applications, where it can be used to access stranded variables and diagnostics from safety systems.

“This rating means operations and maintenance can take the blindfold off and have a better view in hazardous areas, know their employees are safe and avoid unplanned shutdowns,” said Bob Karschnia, vice president and general manager, wireless for Emerson Automation Solutions.

Smart measurement instrumentation provides users with rich diagnostics and process data through HART communication. Unfortunately, this information may go unused, as many HART instruments transmit only their analog signal. This may be due to lack of I/O, lack of budget, or simply because a remote system has been designed to be controlled as a single loop.  These measurement devices often exist in hazardous locations, and while Emerson’s wireless field devices are intrinsically safe, the valuable information from devices in explosionproof areas has been stranded.

The Wireless THUM Adapter converts a wired HART signal to WirelessHART, and transmits the wireless data to a Gateway. The Gateway connects to the host systems via an industry-standard wired connection, usually Modbus or Ethernet. The diagnostic and process data accessed by the THUM Adapter provides users with insight to their process and helps them plan maintenance to avoid unplanned shutdowns. The THUM Adapter connects directly onto HART devices via threaded conduits, removing the need for a barrier.

The THUM Adapter has been approved to FM and CSA explosionproof standards by CSA Group. For more information on the explosionproof Wireless THUM Adapter, please visit www.Emerson.com/Wireless-THUM

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