News Brief: Emerson Exchange offers look at upcoming DeltaV digital twin


New Software-as-a-Service expands cloud engineering capabilities to operations optimization 

Emerson debuted a first look at DeltaV digital twin delivered through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription model at the 2017 Emerson Global Users Exchange. Built as an extension of Emerson’s already established and successful cloud project engineering platform, the new subscription service delivers a virtual reference system for customers to optimize their operations. 

Emerson first released cloud engineering services in 2014, building a foundation that has now transformed hundreds of capital projects across the globe. The service brought engineering configuration and virtual testing online instead of on-site, eliminating costly travel requirements, as well as hardware, storage, and services costs. Cloud engineering has cleared the way for agile work processes and non-linear project methodologies, shortening overall project schedules and significantly reducing capital project execution costs. 

Now Emerson is evolving cloud engineering beyond projects by delivering a service to unlock a customer’s operations potential. It provides a more flexible landscape for maintenance, reliability, education and performance services. Given the digital twin is an up-to-date reference of the control and safety system, it also serves as a repository and guide for future project planning. 

Emerson Exchange 2017 

You can find out more information about DeltaV digital twin and cloud-powered solutions for projects and operations by visiting the Project Services section in the Emerson Global Users Exchange exhibit daily at 4 p.m.


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