Emerson unveils odorant injection system that assures uniform atomization into natural gas in transmission and distribution pipelines


The Dosaodor-D odorant injection system ensures more uniform distribution of odorant, greater reliability, and lower maintenance costs.

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Dosaodor-D odorant computerized injection system increases reliability, lowers maintenance costs for natural gas utilities

MCKINNEY, TEXAS (June 16, 2008) – Emerson Process Management has introduced a computerized odorant injection system with more uniform distribution of odorant, greater reliability, and lower maintenance costs.  A patented solenoid injector algorithm replaces old plunger pumps, assuring uniform delivery of odorant — even at low flow rate — to meet the requirements of the Department of Transportation and state agencies while documenting injection rates and other operating data.

The environmentally-friendly Dosaodor-D pressure injection system, with frequent small injections of odorant and a wick distribution insert, is accurate over a large range of pressures and flow rates found in transmission pipelines or distribution systems.  Automatic calibration during operation adjusts for any changes in mechanical components and dramatically reduces maintenance costs.  The system can also be configured to employ redundant injectors and/or and emergency back up absorption system.

This system utilizes a ROC800 series controller for reliability and its scalable features, which enables complete configuration and operation of the system for measurement of data in real time, management of historical data, and control of alarm events.  Its user-friendly Windows® interface makes accessing features quick and easy for both local and remote personnel.

For those companies desiring to outsource their odorant injection responsibility, Emerson provides complete odorization solutions.

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