Emerson receives 2016 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific New Product Innovation Award for Quantum Cascade Laser Process Gas Analyzer

SINGAPORE (August 12, 2016)  – Frost & Sullivan presented the 2016 Asia Pacific New Product Innovation award to Emerson for the Quantum Cascade Laser Process Gas Analyzer, recognizing its technology innovation and market leadership. The Rosemount™ CT5000 series of Quantum Cascade Laser continuous gas analyzers can incorporate up to six high-resolution laser modules and can detect, measure, and monitor up to 12 critical components simultaneously, eliminating the need for multiple analyzers and sample handling systems.

“Frost & Sullivan is proud to present this award to Emerson based on the findings of our extensive best practices research to recognize the company’s performance and achievement in advanced continuous gas analyzer technology,” said Krishnan Ramanathan, industry analyst, Industrial Automation and Process Control, Frost & Sullivan. “Accuracy, repeatability, speed of measurement, detection limit, and easy maintenance have always been significant focus areas for customers. End users are challenged with the high cost of ownership associated with traditional analyzers, resulting in a notable drive towards laser-based gas analyzers. Emerson leads the industry with advanced laser gas analyzer technologies and works closely with its customers to address these needs.”

Uniquely combining tunable diode laser (TDL) and quantum cascade laser (QCL) technologies within the same analyzer, the Rosemount CT5000 continuous gas analyzers use a “laser chirp” to provide near-instant high-resolution spectroscopy to detect and identify a range of molecules in both the near and mid-infrared range of spectroscopic light with an enhanced dynamic range from sub ppm to percent levels. The QCL continuous gas analyzer measures up to 12 gases at the same time, which helps companies improve industrial emissions monitoring, production efficiencies, and environmental compliance.

“We’re honored to have this innovative technology be recognized by Frost & Sullivan with this award,” said Judson Duncan, vice president of Emerson’s Rosemount measurement and analytical business in Asia Pacific. “We offer a complete gas analysis portfolio and focus on providing the industry’s most advanced technologies to help our customers solve their biggest process challenges. The QCL continuous gas analyzer is unique in the market and offers customers benefits in terms of regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and cost savings.”

“The criteria for this award included the product technology and how it meets customer requirements, the potential of the product to influence the market, key product innovations, and the company’s experience in the industry,” said Ramanathan. “Based on our methodology, we’ve found that Emerson has demonstrated its focus on quality, performance, technology development, and commitment to the needs of the customer. As a result, Emerson is a leading supplier of automation systems worldwide and the premier market leader in QCL-based analyzer technologies.”

About Emerson

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