Gas Turbine Controls

Field-proven solutions to improve unit operation, streamline maintenance, and increase operator performance.


Delivering High Performance, Reliable and Flexible Gas Turbine Operation

For over half a century, Emerson has provided control and protection systems for new-build gas turbines and aftermarket retrofits. Our systems are designed to meet the demanding requirements for safe and reliable operation on units ranging from small industrial drive units to the latest advanced class powergen gas turbines. With a proven track record of turnkey installations, Emerson is the safe choice for turbine control.

How It Works


Emerson offers full-scope solutions that combine powerful Ovation™ automation technology with high-performance control strategies, field-proven retrofit packages, experienced project execution and comprehensive lifecycle services. Our advanced gas turbine control applications deliver maximum operating reliability and unit flexibility to help you meet the demands of today’s changing market.


Emerson's turbine solutions are based on the Ovation platform featuring redundant controllers, fast Ethernet networks, integrated SIL3 safety system and a full range of native turbine-specific I/O for speed, ​​​​​​​overspeed, servo positioner, vibration and generator excitation. Ovation's advanced diagnostics, pre-programmed governor control, high-speed data logging and best-in-class cybersecurity protection are tailored for turbine control.


Emerson's support continues well after commissioning with maintenance, reliability and performance services for continued safe and reliable turbine operation. We provide comprehensive services covering control system support, turbine troubleshooting, tuning ​​​​​​​and upgrades, as well as training and cybersecurity protection.

Video & Case Studies

Emerson power industry expert, Brett Benson, describes some of the challenges related to OEM turbine controls and how Emerson has helped many customers with control retrofits for a more simplified and integrated plant control platform.

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