temp-H003 DeltaVSIS-Integration

DeltaV SIS Standalone - Integration

Easily integrate DeltaV SIS with any control system.

temp-C011 DeltaVSIS-Integration

Easy integration between DeltaV SIS™ and any third-party DCS

The integration capabilities of DeltaV SIS allow users of any control system to receive all the benefits of a modern safety system. The different integration options of DeltaV SIS are particularly important during modernization projects. DeltaV SIS can easily replace legacy safety systems without major impact on the existing control system regardless of the vendor.

How It Works

Modernize your Standalone Process Safety System

DeltaV SIS can be deployed as a totally independent safety system and interfaced to any third-party control system. The native redundant Modbus interface allows you to replace a legacy safety system with a modern safety system — no major impact on the control system.

Redundant OPC DA, OPC AE and OPC HDA are also available, providing additional options for integration.

Benefits Regardless of BPCS vendor

If your BPCS is not a DeltaV DCS, you can still receive the benefits of the DeltaV SIS modern safety system. The native HART and integration with AMS enable easy management of your safety field devices and enable the use of improved diagnostics into safety logic as way to detect device failures.

Powerful Engineering and Operation Enviroment

Even when deployed as standalone safety system, the DeltaV SIS provides a full environment for engineering, maintenance, and operations. For example, the DeltaV SIS operator interface enables powerful local operator HMI.


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