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Aerospace & Defense Measurement Solutions

Highly accurate and reliable pressure and temperature measurements is more than just a requirement, it’s mission critical!

Achieve Mission Critical Success

Crucial to the success of every mission, is the effective operation of its equipment. Emerson understands this importance. From flight guidance, propulsion, engine monitoring, weapons positioning, test stands, simulators and more, Emerson’s Paine™ sensors are designed to survive, easily customized and meet the highest ISO9001 / AS9100 quality standards.

Aerospace and Defense Applications

Emerson's Paine™ pressure and temperature sensors can be found in major aerospace programs, aviation applications and hundreds of high-reliability military applications throughout the world.

Paine™ sensors employ proprietary technology for dependable and highly accurate sensors. Technology, assembly, and testing techniques produce sensors that are extremely durable and reliable, while producing outputs (Digital, mV/V, VDC & 4-20mA) with infinite resolution.

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Emerson's Paine™ pressure and temperature sensors are designed to meet the vigorous requirements of military and defense monitoring and control applications.

All sensors can be modified to meet your specific design and application requirements and are available with optional features, pressure ranges, voltage inputs, electrical connections, pressure ports, special testing and thermal compensation.

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