About Natural Gas Chromatographs

Designed for Fiscal and Custody Transfer applications requiring C6+BTU/CV to C9+ analysis with hydrocarbon dew point


Fundamentals of Gas Chromatography

Emerson’s Rosemount natural gas chromatographs are engineered for applications where critical gas measurement is needed. From C6+ BTU/CV for custody transfer to more complex C9+ analysis with hydrocarbon dew point calculations, trace contaminant monitoring (including C6+ with H2S) for pipeline integrity, product quality for LNG or NGL's and other customized solutions, Emerson sets the industry standard for gas chromatography and natural gas analysis.

How it Works

Emerson’s Rosemount gas chromatographs come with a user friendly software called MON, which gives operators the ability to easily configure, operate and manage the analyzer locally or remotely and provides greater insight into your process. Among the many features of MON, you can communicate across the enterprise network, securely store critical data, and generate detailed reports such as:
• Current and archived chromatograms
• Alarm history
• Event logs
• Maintenance logs

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Any process gas chromatograph is only as good as the quality of the sample it measures. So every sample system for Emerson’s process gas chromatographs is custom engineered for the specific requirements of the application. Common features include:
• Heated and open-panel designs
• All components rated for the area classification
• Automatic calibration / validation available as an option
• Variety of sample probes to extract a reliable and stable sample from the process

The 6 or 10 port valves used in Emerson’s Rosemount gas chromatograph provide exceptional durability and low maintenance due to the unique double-sided diaphragm actuation, which eliminates the need for springs, o-rings and lubrication. Minimal movement of the internal components in the valve contributes to the rapid actuation of the valve which is ideal for applications using micro-packed and capillary columns. Other design features include:
• Simple design for easy access and maintenance
• Unobstructed sample flow path
• Rotary liquid injection valves also available
• Lifetime warranty

Whether you want to network multiple process gas chromatographs throughout the plant or simply link a single analyzer to the DCS system, Emerson’s Rosemount gas chromatographs can be configured to handle most any communication scenario, including:

  • Choice of Ethernet, FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, Modbus Serial, or 4–20 mA analog outputs
  • Connectivity to plant control systems using industry standard protocols such as Modbus and OPC


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