Package Design with Ultrasonic Welding

Create innovative, reliable packaging with ultrasonic welding and eliminate contaminants, seal failures and material waste.


Packaging Designed to Inspire, Sealed to Protect

When your brand can’t afford the risks associated with packaging failures, turn to ultrasonic welding technology and the application experts at Emerson to solve your toughest challenges.

High-strength ultrasonic seals minimize leakage and prevent contamination, producing less waste and fewer rejected products. The technology eliminates consumables, allowing for smaller package sizes that can slash costs across the entire value chain. Fully compatible with recyclable and bio materials, ultrasonically welded packaging solutions provide up to 25% energy savings and cut carbon footprints up to 75%.


Improve Package Performance, Lower Costs and Save Energy

With over 70 years of ultrasonic technology expertise, Emerson designs and implements cost-effective solutions for every packaging application need. Ultrasonic technology creates a clean weld site and consistent join quality for a wide range of package shapes and sizes, including plastic containers and cartons, clamshells, pillow bags, stand-up pouches and more. Capable of processing over 110 packages a minute, our flexible ultrasonic systems meet high-volume expectations, offer quick setup and enable easy automated integration within a larger automated process.


Put the Squeeze on Packaging Failures

Emerson’s consistent, strong seals passed a manufacturer’s unique test where executives stood on plastic squeeze pouches to detect leaks as they came off the production line. 

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