Forever Keeping Process Control Safe, Efficient, and Intuitive

We know the consequences of process failure are great, that’s why we have an unwavering commitment to standards and processes that ensure innovative and reliable product designs. Many years from now, as the Fisher™ brand is put onto products, customers will continue to know it stands for integrity.


The Latest

Emerson’s New Emergency Shutdown Discrete Valve Controller Improves Safety, Uptime in Hazardous...

TopWorx DX Partial Stroke Test with HART 7 provides detailed valve assembly data and diagnostics, enabling predictive maintenance and reliable...

Emerson Introduces Smart Valve Positioner Designed to Operate in a Range of Environmental Conditions

The TopWorx PD Series Smart Valve Positioner provides reliable valve positioning and safer, more efficient operation in a compact package

News Brief: Integrated Control Programming Platform Improves Time-to-Market and Profitability

PAC Machine Edition 10 speeds development, reduces errors with module type package, intuitive interface, integrated change management and...

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