Overfill Prevention Solutions

Improve your plant safety with a customized overfill prevention solution for your application needs.

Comprehensive overfill prevention portfolio

Overfill is a major concern in the process and bulk liquid storage industries. Emerson offers a wide range of overfill prevention solutions simplifying conformance with major standards. Level sensors and switches have unique features such as 2-in-1, proof testing and  IEC 61508 SIS/SIL certification.

Overfill Prevention Solutions in Action

The Rosemount Tank Gauging System contains a complete portfolio for both automatic tank gauging (ATG) and overfill prevention.

Uniquely it contains the first and only radar level gauge with IEC 61508 SIL 3 certification for a single device (non-redundant) configuration.

The Rosemount 5900S with its patented 2-in-1 option can serve as an automatic tank gauge (ATG) and an independent overfill prevention sensor simultaneously.

Emerson offers a wide range of IEC 61508 certified Rosemount level transmitters and switches for up to SIL 3 applications.

Rosemount 5408:SIS and Rosemount 2140:SIS are two of the safest and most user-friendly devices on the process market, both allowing you to focus on your business instead of safety risks. 

Both products offers remote proof-testing, which lets you quickly and safely check your transmitter’s integrity, without having personnel in the field.

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