Automotive Ride & Handling

Create a more desirable ride with air suspension components that enhance stability, control and drivability.

Manufacture Smoother Rides, Every Time

Emerson supplies a broad range of air ride components, optimizing the driving experience with valves, pressure controllers and air pressure distribution systems that ensure quick, level, reliable response times for air suspension, brake and door control operations. Automotive manufacturers know we are synonymous with reliability, application expertise and quality in air suspension systems.

Ride & Handling Solutions

Suspension and Load Stability

Ensure a comfortable ride by providing handling and comfort with valves designed for high-flow, high-reliability air suspension systems, providing high-pressure control at minimal power consumption. Our air bellows deliver load-boosting performance for air ride suspension systems. With adjustable pressure from 5-100 psi, the bellows ensure vehicle leveling and complete load stabilization and maximize the vehicle load carrying capacity.

Air Quality

Our filters (water traps) are designed to provide your air ride suspension system with top-quality air. By removing water and particulate, air suspension systems perform more reliably and efficiently, and have longer life. A semi-automatic drain allows filtered water to be removed simply, while high-flow rates maintain air ride suspension speed. A metal bowl guard protects the unit from breakage.

Height and Level Control

Range pressure switch lines ensure reliable ride height control. The adjustable line is designed for installation where input pressure parameters are adjusted for personalized control, while the fixed range line is for consistent input pressure systems. Valve manifolds provide maximum air system design flexibility, with single valves that let you raise and lower your vehicle from one point. Dual control manifolds offer either front-to-rear or side-to-side suspension control.

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