Automotive Final Assembly

Keep your assembly line performing efficiently with Emerson sensors, valves, testing technology and safety equipment.

Solutions to Keep the Line Moving, Data to Enrich Productivity

When you’re assembling 50-70 automobiles an hour, downtime is not an option. Emerson’s design insights and innovative products keep the assembly line moving, with connected components that not only provide the instructions to power automated assembly, but also to relay valuable data to optimize machine operations. And to assure your final assembly process runs smoothly, we also provide quality control testing tools, connectors and safety products for machine builders and manufacturers.

Final Assembly Solutions

Machine Controls

Our wide range of ISO- and NFPA-conforming actuators and linear guided cylinders, grippers and multi-motion products work in concert to help you conduct a smarter automated operation. Our Fieldbus-networked valve manifolds integrate communication interfaces with I/O capabilities, channeling data from sensors and valves. These Fieldbus valve manifolds reduce change-over downtime. The plain text integrated display allows for point-of-use diagnostics that can be used during commissioning. 

Quality Control Testing

Automated testing allows manufacturers to deliver quality automobiles and comply with regulations without sacrificing uptime. During performance testing of transmissions, emissions and fuel injectors, Emerson technology ensures your automated measurement devices are calibrated to provide accurate results. Our systems enable data acquisition to diagnose inaccuracies and enable repeatable testing performance.

Power and Lighting

Keep your assembly line cost-effective and functional. Our versatile, cost-efficient power supplies deliver reliable distributed and remote field power to machine controls, eliminating the complexity and cost of unnecessary enclosures and excess wiring in a modern facility.Our lighting technology provides illumination to reduce hazards in assembly and part-storage environments. We retrofit HID fixtures to new, energy-efficient LED, extending the life of your plant and fixtures.

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