Gas Chromatography for Environmental Monitoring


Ambient Air Monitoring Solutions

There are numerous gases found in industrial process plants that are harmful should a gas leak occur, such as dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), benzene, 1,3-butadiene, and others. These games may be highly flammable, highly explosive, and/or highly toxic. Inhaling these compounds can result in conditions like oxygen deprivation, pulmonary edema, or even death. An ambient air monitoring system is essential, and it is required by state and federal regulations.

Install a process gas chromatographs to guard against harm caused by gas leaks. Emerson's family of gas chromatographs provides reliable, accurate analysis of fugitive gases.


HRVOC Monitoring

Per regulations, flares emitting HRVOCs must be monitored, and targeted components measured every 15 minutes. In addition, BTU content must be measured to ensure that the heating value of the flare gas remains above 300 BTUs. Emerson's family of gas chromatographs offers a single source for both HRVOC and BTU measurement by providing speciation for HRVOCs and BTU calculations that meet regulatory requirements. Plus, all measurements can be made within the 15-minute requirement.


Continuous, online measurement for cooling towers

Cooling towers with a minimum capacity of 8,000 GPM throughput must monitor for total VOCs every 15 minutes to ensure that the total VOCs (defined as total strippable VOCs, less methane and ethane) do not exceed 50ppb. if strippable VOCs exceed 50ppb, then speciation is required once a day.

With a process gas chromatograph, you can ensure true, continuous, online measurement of the total VOC content with laboratory speciation or the continuous online measurement of the speciated HRVOC.

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